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American Heritage

Roberta Brown

American Indians

Jane Lockwood

no email

Chapter Achievement Awards

Luaine Houston

Commemorative Events

Marie Linn


Kay McVety

Constitution Week

Katherine Kiley


Jane Davis

DAR Good Citizen Awards

Karen Smeltzer

DAR Magazine

Mariette Potvin

no email

DAR Schools

Helen Johncock

DAR Service for Veterans

Vicky Johnson

Flag of the United States of America

Barbara Murphy

Genealogical Preservation

Patricia Struck

Lineage Research

Kimberly Reinink

Literacy Promotion

Linda Ryno


Mildred Peters

no email

National Defense

Dianne Waite

President General’s Project

Kay McVety

Public Relations & Media

Karen Smeltzer


Marie Linn

Service to America

Karen Smeltzer

Volunteer Information Specialist

Karen Smeltzer

Women’s Issues

Catherine Larson



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